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Name - frenchyDate -- 10.22.2003    From - north leigh, oxfordshire
hey great website,like the photos
keep up great work
oxford fan till i die

16th/10/03 Oxford 0-4 bury
chesterfield 3-0 scum ;)
regards frenchy

Name - Andrew McLaughlan    Email - andymc@hotmail.com
Date -- 9.26.2003    From - Newport, Wales
Quality Website, great photos too! Come on You Yellows!

Name - mugu    Email - mugu@mugu.
Date -- 9.17.2003

Name - McNivenDate -- 8.20.2003    From - OXFORD
sshhhs Beau don't go giving my identity away !!

Name - beau    Email - beaudeanwhitehead@hotmail.com
Date -- 8.12.2003    From - Oxford, silli
hello all (again) hhhm is that becka
mefinks. well dummy of cors it is!!!!!!!!!

Name - McNiven Date -- 8.6.2003    From - Oxford
Guess who this is ?? lol yes ok the name gives it away but guess anyway .......... give up ?? Its ickle old me !! Ok I am bored and hot and just bored lol !! Anyway grand site will be even better when the picture of me and my husband are on here - which will be when ??? I am still waiting !!

Name - mugu    Email - mugu@maga.com
Date -- 8.5.2003    From - guy
i dey here

Name - Lambo    Email - lamb@physchem.ox.ac.uk
Date -- 8.5.2003    From - oxon
Nice site, who's the girl with the fish?

Name - Carterton's IronbridgeDate -- 6.16.2003    From - A Furnace
Quality site me old mate!
Keep up the good work.

Name - andy bone    Email - andy.bone@btopenworld.com
Date -- 6.14.2003    From - (was marston)now rose hill
Hello all,once again a new football
seasons on the way,once again will be
(shit) we need to off load all the
dead wood within the club befor are
club can be go anywere.I would like
to see three stands,better food within
the gound(and not the vans out side)
we all pay good money to see oxford
I just think it would be nice to see were
the moneys going.thanks.....boney(up the manor)

Name - Mr Boots    Email - bryan.andy@virgin.net
Date -- 4.28.2003    From - Old marston
Good Fun Site !
Love to look at the pictures from the away games and hear the tales of what everone got up to.
Nice to have the fans veiws and thoughts of the away games (and home)
Hope I will be able to add something to this site in the future.
Keep up the good work,
Mr Boots

Name - Gill (Nappy's sister)    Email - gillian.dix@tesco.net
Date -- 4.25.2003
I just want to say a big 'thank you' to you all, especially Darrell, for keeping Andrew's name and memory alive. I know my father and the rest of our family would want to join in saying how proud we are of the Cup and what an honour it is to present it each year. I will be there with some of the family, including two of my grandchildren, on 3rd May. It will be a day of very mixed feelings for all of us. I hope the winner will be as popular as Jamie was last year. I will see you all on Saturday 3rd May and once again, thank you to all.

Name - Carterton's IronbridgeDate -- 4.18.2003    From - Not sure
Just thought I would say 'up the manor'

Name - Mish    Email - madbird_8@hotmail.com
Date -- 4.18.2003    From - message boards!
Finally, finally got me arse on your guestbook. Here i am

Name - beau     Email - beaudeanwhitehead@hotmail.com
Date -- 4.15.2003    From - Barton, oxford
ha ha ha Michelle lovely picture of you!
I'm Michelle's lil friend- I'm Junior michelle!
watch out in the Quad if me & mich are around- you aint safe!!!!
wkd site!

Name - Junior    Email - oxfordutdfc@aol.com
Date -- 4.5.2003    From - My house
Oxford and proud of it,

Name - Becka    Email - mrskeating3@hotmail.com
Date -- 1.19.2003    From - Oxford
Great site keep up the good work !!! Would love to see a few mors pictures of Scott McNiven and Steve Basham though !!!

Name - adam spires    Email - adam@email
Date -- 12.17.2002    From - reading
I would just like to say that the oxford(wankers) and swindon(wankers) was the most shittest match i have never seen but you cant blame that because both teams are shit with reading rejects in it

Name - Oxfor Till I Die    Email - OUFC@aol.com
Date -- 11.23.2002    From - Abingdon
Great site loking forward to the pics of the win
over Scumdon in the cup. Ox 3 Scum 1

Name - ''Date -- 11.15.2002    From - '

Name - Darrell    Email - Editor of United We Stand
Date -- 11.10.2002    From - Oxford Area
Hello All, this is the new Guestbook for this site,
The old one was getting a little congested with abuse from Scum fans,
So I have started this new one,
The old one is still available for viewing on the old news pages.
Thanks again for viewing the site, hope it is to your satisfaction

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