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August 2004 Pictures

Bradders Penalty

Away end from the home end

Happy Graham Rix after the game

Mooney heads against Shrewsbury to make it 2-0

2004-2005 Oxford United Team Photo minus Tommy Mooney and Barry Quinn

This photo is the property of Darrell Fisher, please do not use without his say so.

More later with pictures

Oxford though ended the game with a lot of Injuries, Chris Hackett came out worst after a challenge with Andy Scott, Hackett went down holding his knee as the Picture shows.

Paul Bodin in the press area, now let me find my darts........

Mooney smacks home the Equaliser

Mooney runs off to celebrate with the South Stand fans

Crosby tossing in the wind at Mansfield last season

Molyneaux to the rescue

918 U's fans at Boston yesterday during the 1-0 defeat to the start of the season

Dermot and his crew in the tunnel.

Officials and players enter the field

Players do the toss up before the game

Officials line up before game

Bradbury gets shoved in the back whilst headering the ball

Dave Mackay takes a shot at the Cherries

Roget is about to get the boot, in the face.
Mooney grabs the equaliser.........

Property of Darrell Fisher