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Oxford took just the point from lowly Rivals Rushden yesterday at
Nene Park, but they should really have come away with all 3,
Going 1-0 up after good work from Jamie Brooks down the left
putting a great cross in to Chris Hackett almost on the edge of the
6 yard box to slot past the keeper, the younger generation of the
team working well together, with Craig Davies lively up front and
Bradie Clarke making some fine saves in goal it looked like the
boys were going to win us the match alone, but after going 1 up the
U's could not hang on to the lead and Clarke was beaten at his near post,
The Nene Park Tannoy announcer getting their own goal scorer wrong
was our only consolation in that situation, but the U's came back just
before the break to go in at Halftime 2-1, Bradbury who had worked well
in the middle was rewarded for his efforts, his shot from just inside of the
area went through the packed area and beat the keeper to the delight of
the 1490 Oxford fans packed in like sardines behind the goal, So Oxford
won the 1st half, Rushden won the 2nd half though, they equalised and
then went into the lead, again the goals seemed soft and many will say
that the keeper should have taken them, but you can't really blame young
Bradie, he still had an exceptional game, but not as good as he previous 2,
in the end it was the hard working Davies that earned the U's a point,
evading 2 challenges to clip the ball past the young Rushden keeper to send
the U's fans berserk behind the goal yet again!, not long after that
Tommy Mooney was sent off for getting his 2nd yellow, the first was
ludicrous after being stitched up by the very selfish SAMBROOK,
He has to be the most unsporting player I have seen this season,
He was off the field after getting injured and after the referee allowed play
to continue dragged himself back on to the pitch just over the line so that
the referee had to stop play, this was right in front of the U's fans and they
were baying for his blood, Rushden's physio was already near the goal
approaching him when he made his disgraceful move, his actions should
have been looked at in the same way as other players provoke crowd trouble,
because it's actions like his that ruin great games, this was one, Sambrook was
booed when he re-entered the field and then substituted to the delight of the
U's fans, but Rushden nearly had the last laugh as they scored what looked
like the winner to them, but the Assistant by the scoreboard corner had his
flag up for off side, then Oxford had the chance to win the game up the other
end but bad finishing kept the scores level, at least the U's continued their
run of 3 games without defeat  and kept the Ramon Diaz camp happy,
them and the River plate travellers that had come all the way from Argentina
to watch this match, Fair play to them and we thank you for your support.

In McDonalds on the way home between Rushden and Northampton we met
a load of Scum fans who as Scum fans go looked evil on first impressions,
but came over and sat near the 4 of us and proceeded to chat like they had
known us all our lives, they certainly took us by surprise and left the other
3 U's fans with me totally shocked at their approach to us, talking openly
about Oxford and Sw****n,  as we sat there finishing our food they said
farewell and as they walked out of the door they picked up the huge Ronald
McDonald in the lobby and carried it through the doors into the car park
where they proceeded to give him a severe beating as we sat there laughing
our heads off.
 So after the result at Rushden and Diamonds and then the hilarious
confrontation's in Mcki D we made the short journey home. 
Another great day in the Ramon Diaz travelling Army, now for 2 games
on the bounce at home after 2 away.