(Nappy Giving His All)
First My Condolences go out to His Family and Friends, Andrew will be missed by all that knew Him, He was well liked by All.

Andrew Knapton
or Nappy as He was  known to Everyone in the London Road Died on Thursday night suddenly of a suspected Heart Attack, He was aged just 35, He Died wearing His Oxford United Shirt which He would have been proud of. He Has been the most Popular Voice Heard for Many Years at the Manor, 
We should have a recording of His Give Us an O'ooo played over the Tannoy when the Players come out onto the Field, 
It would be great at the New Stadium.
There was always banter from the Right side of the London Road but Nappy was a True Left sider and the True Voice of the Stand. 
Matchday's at the Manor Wouldn't be the same without His Chant.
When all went Quiet We just Said" Go on Nappy Do your Stuff" and the Atmosphere picked up no end.
Lets Hope that we can get an Atmosphere the New Stadium, It will never be the same without His warm welcome He gave everyone at the game, Nearly every game over the last year He would say "You have made me famous-People keep saying you are the bloke on that website"
He was so chuffed to bits about that- I will Miss Him very much,
Matchdays just won't be the same ever again, There has been a request to have His ashes scattered at The Kassam Stadium, the club have agreed, it will be sometime in August.
Before He left on Tuesday May 1st the night of the last ever league game at the Manor He told Me how much He was looking forward to going to the new stadium, He was so dedicated to Oxford united, He was so fired  up to support them it was unbelievable, He shook Me by the hand and said" If I don't make it to the charity game I will call you next week about the Move to Minchery", Sadly I will never get that call now, But the call We will make will be to the Club to ask for a minutes Silence in His Memory at the Charity game as it will be the last time at the Manor for us all.
There will be a collection in the London rd so that we can afford to buy a lasting memorial to Nappy at the new stadium, So the next generations of Oxford fans will know just how much of a legend He really was at the manor and how just by being there he lit up the place by expressing his love for the club, the club we all love.
Below are a few Pictures of Him taken at the Manor, The top 3 were taken at the last game He went to, The last time We all had the pleasure to be in the same stand as a Man We all Liked and Loved.
So Long Big Guy,
From Darrell and All your Friends in the London Road.

Nappy as we all remember him-having a  good laugh   

The Last time He Chanted His famous Chant.

Having a laugh as Usual-Now We just have sadness.

The Memorial Fund Collection at the Manor ground on May 13th 2001 was a great success.
In just 4 hours of collecting in and around the ground we raised the huge amount of £913.58p
The up to date figure is £1100, with that amount we will be able to get a better Plaque and Trophy than we originally thought, that is purely down to you-the Fans.
On behalf of the Memorial Fund and Andrews Family I would like to thank you for all your kind donations, You did him proud.

We have secured for the distant future the Supporters player of the season award in Andrews name, it will be know as:-
The Andrew "Nappy"Knapton Memorial Supporters player of the Season Award.
Also in the Oxford Mail East stand there will be a Plaque to Remember him by which will read

 In Memory of a Great Friend & U's Fan
Andrew "Nappy" Knapton 1966-2001
       Give us an O'oo
   That's the way He did it.

Andrew Knapton Memorial Fund

Andrew 'Nappy' Knapton was one of Oxford Utd's best known supporters - his deafening cry of 'Give Us An O-o-o!' would silence the whole London Road on a weekly basis. There can be few Oxford fans who did not know, or know of the big man. He, more than anyone else, summed up the spirit of the London Road, and the fans of Oxford United as a whole.

Sadly, Andrew died last week, shortly after the final league game at the Manor.

A group of supporters are determined that he, and his devotion to the club he loved, should be remembered in a permanent way.

The intention is to create a permanent reminder of Andrew and his support for the club, and the ideas include:

A brick in the new stadium
A plaque in the East Stand - the new London Road
A tree planted outside the ground
Naming the East Stand, or an Executive Box after him

They will be collecting contributions at the Manor on Sunday 13 May, before the charity game organized by Alan Judge, who has kindly allowed this collection to go ahead. All of the money collected will go towards the best memorial for Andrew that can be arranged.

Please give as generously as you can, but do not forget the charity for which Sunday's game has been arranged - if you can give a pound for each, then as many people as possible can benefit.

Thank you for your help.

For further information please contact

Darrell Fisher  unitedwestandoufc@kassamstadium.fsnet.co.uk
Steve Day  steve.day@buildbase.co.uk
Chris Day  chrisday@spamcop.net

Please sign my messageboard with messages of Condolences
      for  His family and friends and I will pass them on,
 Thank you.

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Author Blondie
Date 04/06/2001  12:31:17
Thanks for doing all the pictures - especially of the last game at the Manor, I couldn't go and I almost cried when I saw the pics. Partly cos I'll never be going there again but partly out of pride too (we're great really!)

Also a great tribute to Nappy - I never knew him but always heard him, even all the way over in Beech Road.