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   My Name is Darrell Fisher        

   Me and the Cup.jpg (50870 bytes)
   Age: 33 yrs young, 

I Have been going to Watch Oxford since 1975, 
   My Dad took Me and My Brother Grayson, We Stood in the Beech Rd. 
   I Then Stood on the London Road Terrace (Left(best)Side) for years
   with My other Brother Liam, Russell (Sunderland) Williams, Laurence (Loz) Reade,
   Michelle ( Legs) Walton, Steve and Chris Day, Not Forgetting Andrew (Nappy) Knapton and All.
   I now watch the matches from the heady heights of the PA box or Press area,    As I now Operate the Club Scoreboard on Matchday's, Working alongside Chris Williams and the good gang of Press up in the heights of the stand As well as taking Pictures for the club at all Away games, for the Official website and the Matchday  Programme,    I am enjoying working for the club immensely, being able to watch the team and help them out at the same time.

   Before then I used to sit at the Kassam Stadium with the gang that stood at the Manor for many years,
   My Dad has returned to watch with myself, Liam, Russell, Laurence, Michelle, Steve and Chris Day,
   Graham, Rob and a Seat that we bought for the Knapton family for
the 2001/2002 season,
   In memory of Andrew"Nappy"Knapton who sadly died on the 3rd of May 2001.
   Now in our 3rd season at the Kassam, there is no Rob in the Oxford Mail stand at the home games,
   He now sits in the Main stand, just in front of where I sit, or he did for a few games anyway.

    I am  Married to Pauline With One Child ,Pauline and Bradley Against Birmingham.jpg (541956 bytes) Picture taken against Birmingham at the Manor.
    That was Bradley's first game at the Manor and He stood and watched as this Big woman took her top off and ran onto the pitch near the end, Ian Bennett the Brum keeper nearly died with fright.........
My Son Bradley Was Born on November the 4th 1994, 
    He was a member of the Junior Club
when only 9 hours old, 
    The  reason for that was that the Club office was Shut at Midnight<hehehe>   
    I Work for
Howse and O'Reilly Electrical Contractors of Witney (01993 773934)
    I Have now Been to the Grounds (Stadiums) of 92 out of 92  in the English Leagues
    To Which I travel too with Laurence, Michelle and Russell, Plus a few with the London Road Club,
    Since the 2001-2002 season we have been driving to all the matches, taking it in turns to drive,
    it works out about the same as going on the bus and you have that little more
    freedom to see places of interest around the ground where we are visiting.
    After all, Some of the Grounds aren't spectacular and you have to make the day up seeing something
    Worthwhile, hahaha, Well I do get to look around the grounds now that I am Photographer, Bliss.
    I have Graced the  Kassam Stadium pitch a few times this season, having taken the Pictures at a few of the Matches, plus a few from last season
    Notably the Chelsea, Southampton and Leicester friendly's, plus the Aston Villa Cup match and a few league games.

     I graced the Kassam Stadium pitch Twice in the first season at the Kassam,
     Once to take Pictures of Michelle-who was a winner of the Player of the Month contest-
     She gave the award to Andy Woodman who thought she was the award..!!!!
     The Second time was to take Pictures of Jamie Brooks Receiving
     The Andrew Knapton Memorial Trophy for Player of the Season, He received that from Gill, Nappy's Sister.

     I Graced the Manor Ground Pitch Three times (officially), a dozen times unofficially
     One memorable, 2 not so Memorable,

     The First time was for the Hillsborough disaster, I went on to the pitch after the Bournemouth
     match and put Flowers into the goal, other fans put Scarves and flags on the net, it was very emotional.

     The Second Time was as Matchball sponsor with the London Rd Club
     on the 27th August 1996, There was 6 of us and we sat in the Manor club,
     We Went on to the Pitch at Halftime to Present a Cheque to the Then Chairman Robin Herd.
     That was the night David Rush got sent off against Norwich City 
     afterwards I got My Shirt Signed by all the Players.
     I had my Photo taken with the Matchball and none other than Mike Ford.!
                                              Me and Fordy.jpg (40148 bytes)
     The Third time was when I went on to Put some Flowers in the Goal in Memory of 
     Martin Aldridge Who was tragically killed in a car crash in February 2000,
     He Was a great Player and always Knew where the Goal was.
     I had a standing ovation from the whole crowd Which brought Tears to My eyes, 
     It Was the most emotional time that I can remember at the Manor, 
     I stood on the Halfway line for the Minutes silence with Martin Aldridge's Girlfriend and Her Friend,
     I gave Her a bunch of Flowers as I had two, After the Silence  I ran down to the 
     London Rd with the Flowers, The whole London Rd applauded,
     The game had to be delayed even more until I was off the Pitch,
     When I got into the stand I saw a rare sight, Nappy with tears in his eyes,
     That will be a memory that I will never forget.

     Then the Oxford Mail Printed in the Sportsmail that I was a Blackpool Fan, Brilliant!!!

                                                        Myself and the Blackpool Fans.jpg (41627 bytes)             

        I  Appeared in the Matchday Programme on Two occasions during 2000/2001 season,
        Once at Home to Peterborough on the First game of the New Season, 12th August 2000
        In the Fan Fare Profile, (Thanks to Dave Crabtree, Who has now departed to Bigger and better things)
         I had a Programme Sent to Me Signed by Gary Briggs the Week after, Which Made My Week..
         He is Still Living in Blackpool, What Would we do too have Him in the Team today.!
         Secondly in the Matchday Programme at The New Den Millwall, Saturday 23rd September 2000,
         They Required an Oxford Fan for their Programme to Feature alongside one of their Own,
         So Dave Crabtree put Me forward, Then We go and Lose 5-0.....Oh my God.!!!


       So There is My claim to Fame, If you would Like to be featured in a  Profile on my Site,
       Please Contact me and I will Be Willing to Feature You,!